This game is purely fictional and does not in any way represent a real substation. Real substations are extremely dangerous places to be. The enormous amounts of energy stored in these systems that get released during fault situations is not something to mess with. Therefore, the fence around it is not mainly to prevent people from stealing things, but for keeping people from harm. Trespassing will get you arrested at best, and severely injured or dead in more unlucky situations, as many stories of accidents with people or animals will testsify.

There are several components that can have unexpected behaviors in a real substation. An example of this, that has killed multiple people is a recloser. This is a device that will try to automatically re-energize a power-line after a short circuit. This re-energize will happen after a certain time, and has caused people that believed they shorted or disabled the line, to get electrocuted as soon as they approached it.

The techniques shown in this game are real techniques for hacking, but are simplified to make the puzzle's somewhat doable. A real substation will have many more detections and protections to prevent any such scenario from actually happening, and therefore the techniques shown will not work in a real substation.

Have Fun!

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